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Synopsis: A nanny from Senegal works for a family in NYC. She’s saving to bring her own family to the US; supernatural things start to happen. (Streaming on Amazon as … Continue Reading Nanny


Synopsis:  A donkey in Europe tries to adapt as they find themselves in myriad situations & predicaments. (Streaming on Amazon Prime as of March 2023) EO needs — like all of … Continue Reading EO


Synopsis:  Young, single non-custodial father and his daughter vacation in Turkey, relaxing, stressing, and conversating. (Streaming on Amazon Prime as of February 2023.) Holiday time! Sophie, an eleven-year-old Scottish girl is … Continue Reading Aftersun


Synopsis: Baz Luhrmann’s take on Elvis Presley and his manager, “Colonel ” Tom Parker. Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is about Baz, Col. Parker and Elvis; in that order.  Baz’ production is just … Continue Reading Elvis