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Finding the Humor in Every Movie

I’m a movie fan in search of great comedies. But it’s rough out there. Films boldly advertised as comedies show themselves to be far from funny in their laugh-free trailers.

Ever optimistic, I venture to the cinema to see a comedy, hoping for at least a few amusing scenes or some jokes that land, possibly even a laugh-out-loud funny line. Too much to ask? Apparently.

Finding an actually funny comedy is a rare thrill. Thankfully, there are funny movies beyond “comedies” if you know where to look. I’ve discovered comedy watching a drama or action flick where I find myself giggling during earnest scenes, chuckling at *important* dialogue or laughing with glee when the hero or heroine is preternaturally cool under fire.

So come along for some movie magic and find the humor in every movie.

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