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A Quiet Place

Exasperated that for the umpteenth time dad is stupidly asking, “Show me again how to jab somebody in the eyes.”

Synopsis: An isolated family struggles to survive a plague of predatory creatures who hunt using their super-acute hearing. Silent vigilance is their only protection.

Hallelujah! A movie option that isn’t part of a franchise. ‘A Quiet Place’ is an original and intimate story that gets the adrenaline pumping and the feels watering up your eyes. Director and screenwriter (with screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck) John Krasinski introduces us to the Abbotts; parents Lee and Evelyn (Kraz and real-life wife Emily Blunt) and their middle school-aged kids, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe) who live on a farm surrounded by wooded hills. They have a wholesome family-centered life: board game nights, dinners together and nearby hikes. The only

“Please don’t tell your mom that it was me who finished off the Oreos.”

downside is they live on an earth devastated by an alien invasion of strong knifey-toothed predators. Much of the world’s population has been killed off. At night we see Kraz light a signaling fire along other homesteading survivors in the distance. Oh, yes… there is one thing that the creatures hate above all others: noise. They are sightless but have super-sensitive hearing and if you make a sound, they rush in and SPLAT! you’re done for. I guess they eat some of their prey, but they also seem to be killing out of sheer annoyance. Sort of like an old man who hates any speck of noise from the neighbor kids, but these things are on a murder-inducing steroids level. The creatures lurk around the nearby cornfields, woods and even – GASP- into the house sometimes. They are terrifying AF and for sure anyone who sees them naturally screams and then that’s it for them.

The Abbotts have lived by their wits, survival skills and, especially, being silent. The daughter is deaf and they use sign language to communicate, something that has given them somewhat of a head start compared to others. Also, Kraz is a an engineer who works on all sorts of gadgets and Emily is a doctor, further bettering their chances of survival. (How they also found the time to become farmers before the apocalypse, I don’t know.) In fact, Emily’s medical knowledge will come in handy because she is preggers. What were they thinking?! When that little baby is born, sure s/he’ll be cute, but also LOUD, eg, wah, wah, WAH, etc… They are reinforcing a basement to be a sound proof nursery but there is nothing on earth as noisy as a fussy newborn. So, good luck with that!

The local monsters (three by the family’s count) can hear the teensiest sound, like sharks can smell a drop of blood in the water from miles away. Ok– mentally I can evaluate the movie: Kraz did a great job directing, Emily Blunt is brilliant as usual and the kids give

Sensing that her first bath in weeks will be ruined by a space monster & waste precious lavender bath salts

sensitive, heartfelt performances. Emotionally, I’m too scared to talk much about the movie. While watching the “A Quiet Place”  I thought the Abbotts had a fighting chance but I wished they had an edge, like some real mountain folk grit and horse sense. Eureka! I will bypass the scariness of further reviewing the movie by handing over this post to an Appalachian friend, who is an engineering student, btw. What follows is a transcript of our call…

“I seen ‘A Quiet Place” last week, near my school.  It was real good. Like MovieLoon says, them folks was in a tight spot. Them alien varmints are meaner than a striped snake, out a-huntin’ whistle pigs, polecats and folks day and night. The whole family is right brave and they do hand talking on account sissy is deef. The ma and pa got book learning that comes in handy, but the young’uns can be dumb as a sack of rocks. The boy’s a fraidy cat, but heck fire! I don’t blame him. Ain’t nobody wouldn’t be afeared of them outerspace peckerwoods! Hell, when I seed them onscreen I jumped and spilled my Co’ Cola. Lord knows them folks are tryin’ their best, but they’re so tuckered out. Well, far be it from me to judge, but the lady is fixin’ to have a child! When she drops her calf, that little bitty baby is gonna be hollerin’ and cause a commotion that’ll bring hellfire and damnation on the whole clan.

Tell you what I’d do … well, first off, them jarfly-lookin’ critters needs killin’. I’d grab me my shotgun right quick and start blastin’ away. And I’d cause a ruckus- yes, I would! Hurlin’ flamin’ moonshine jars at their ugly heads. Afore they knowd it I’d set my hounds on ’em. Ole Luke’d send ’em back to the devil they come from.

Well, I ain’t fixin’ to give up no spoilers, but them folks might have the Good Lord by their side.”

Thank you! My friend was better able to handle conveying the emotional intensity of the movie than me. Even though I was screeching and hiding for much of the time, ‘A Quiet Place” was worth it. Following the movie, I recommend de-stressing with comfort food and kitten videos. And keep a killin’ shovel nearby, just in case.

MovieLoon.Blog Movie Overview:

Grade: A-

Cut to the Chase: So scary! Such a nice family. Such bad aliens.

Comedy Highlight: Wondering how long Kraz’ “Jim from the Office” would last before making a clipped remark. He’d have an ironic grin, start to talk, then–SPLAT!

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