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Captain America: Civil War

Everyone unsure of whose side they’re on


Synopsis: Team Cappy vs. Team Ironman. Captain America and Ironman part over whether the Avengers should have oversight or not.

Captain America: Civil War is like a Marvel circus with Captain America as ringmaster. It has a little of something and a lot of something for everyone. Cappy is entrusted with keeping the show from spinning out of control with its parade of performers and zigzagging plot.

The seeds of civil war are sown when it is proposed that an international panel oversee the Avengers because bystanders

Chris Evans reluctant to don dated and waist-pinching Captain America costume

have been killed during their heroics. OK, says Tony Stark/ Ironman (Robert Downey Jr). No, says Steve Rogers/ Captain America (Chris Evans). Before you know it, the Avengers are taking sides in the super heroes version of whether to unionize or not.

There are numerous sideshows like T’Challa/Black Panther’s quest for vengeance on a kingdom-related matter, Cappy & Bucky/ Winter Soldier having some bumps in their bromance because Bucky has been brainwashed by HYDRA, some villian named Zemo causing trouble and whether Scarlet Witch and Vision (Stark’s robot aide) should start dating.

But the main act is the civil war battle to end all battles between the two sides. I will give you a handy cheat sheet to bring to the theater. So copy this down in glow-in-the-dark pen…

Team Cappy= Cappy (natch!), Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and the Winter Soldier.

Team Stark= Ironman (duh!), Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther, Spider-Man and War Machine.

Get settled with goodies from the concessionaires because the fight is quite a show with lots of bashing, acrobatics and some clowning from Spidey and Ant-Man. And I’m pleased to report that the Marvel Circus was cruelty-free — no panthers or falcons were harmed.

You’ll leave the show with your own team allegiances. I found myself wondering whose side other Avengers might choose like She-Hulk and Wolverine. Wait… a lot was going on in the movie… were they in it?

PS. So much was going on what with trying to keep the super heroes’ allegiances straight that I forgot to mention a character named Crossbones who was somewhere in the movie according to the credits. Also, Martin Freeman showed up as some government functionary.

Movie Overview

Grade:  B

Cut to the Chase: Convoluted plot but satisfying for Marvel Universe fans.

Comedy Highlight: Romantic tension between Scarlet Witch and Vision.


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